Tuesday, September 9, 2014

harvest moon festival bento 2014


Happy Harvest Moon and Asian Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! With this holiday's traditional associations of love and romance, it was fun to make this bento for hubby today. Inside: savory ramen with sesame oil, Korean spicy braised chicken thighs, broccolini, and this in particular for Jamison: okra! Sautéed with garlic and ginger, finished with oyster sauce and white pepper--yum! This delicious recipe for the okra found at a tasty blog called The Big Fat Noodle. A moon-rabbit egg and some garden baby tomatoes also in today's bento. Enjoy the beautiful moon tonight, friends!


Cooking Gallery said...

This is such a beautiful and delicious bento! I love broccolini and I can imagine it tastes wonderful when eaten together with the Korean chicken thighs and ramen. And gotta love that rabbit :)!

Bentobird said...

Your comment made me smile CG! Hope you enjoyed the moon at it's lovely peak, and happy cooking my friend ^^!