Thursday, December 27, 2012

onigiri bento, japantown visit

Hi there, friends! This post was inspired by a delightful trip hubby and I took to Japantown in San Francisco yesterday...a part of the city that entices with so many beautiful and tasty things. After days of rain, the sky was deep, bright and very blue, adding to the pleasure of walking around.
First stop: savory roast pork ramen at Tampopo:
Jamison's shot of his ramen feast:
Crispy squid
At Soko Hardware, I was eager to find green shiso seeds as these delicate leaves are very hard to come by in Santa Rosa
Color and fun at the indoor shopping mall...
The Peace Pagoda
Golden Gate views on the drive back to Sonoma County
The bucolic landscapes along the way always amaze us...rolling hills, cows, and last night, a ripening moon:
For back-to-work Friday, a bento with an onigiri (teriyaki chicken filling) from Japantown's Nijira Market, pickled baby eggplant, also from Nijira, avocado, arugula blossoms, shiso and a mandarin orange:
Enjoy the upcoming weekend!