Monday, July 18, 2016

summer sandwiches bento

A light duo of summer sandwiches: crab/mayo/fennel flower on the left. goat cheese/baby tomato/basil on the right. Nom!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

chicken karaage bento

Simple and satisfying--Japanese-style fried chicken and potato salad for lunch. The karaage recipe, rich with ginger and soy sauce and satisfyingly crispy, came from the inspiring cookbook Tokyo Cult Recipes, a gorgeous book full of accessible, delicious recipes. Can't wait to cook my way through it! 

The purple and pale lavender larkspur photographed next to my bento are still blooming, weeks after they first started flowering.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

vietnamese spring roll and pork wrap bento

Happy spring! We've had bright and gorgeous weather here in Sonoma County for the last few weeks,
and this bento is a celebration of the season and the aromatic herbs and flowers in the garden at the the discovery of a wonderful new place for Vietnamese treats in Santa Rosa.

A foodie friend told us about Thuan Phat, raving about their very flavorful bahn mi. We checked it out this week, leaving very satisfied with two of the menu selections of grilled pork and shredded bbq pork bahn mi. The bread was perfect--very crisp, airy and a perfect foil for the rich meats and bright pickled veggies inside. The service was super friendly and the whole place simple and charming. We got a plate of vermicelli noodles with grilled pork and spring rolls to continue our Vietnamese immersion into the dinner hour. Excellent!

Here's my Grilled Pork deliciousness:

I set aside one spring roll and portion of grilled pork to add to this bento, where they combine with radish blossoms, chives, nasturtium from the garden and also romaine lettuce, asparagus and cucumber. I so love a Vietnamese-flavored bento...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

smoked salmon hearts and avocado bento

As late winter merges into what feels like an early spring here in Sonoma County, a bento to celebrate our Meyer lemon tree heavy with dark yellow and tender skinned fruit. I used Meyer lemon zest to add tangy zip to the cream cheese layer of these heart shaped tea sandwiches and decorated them with small bright wedges of lemon. Local smoked salmon really sparkled with the lemon contrast! Butter lettuce lightly dressed with olive oil and yes, Meyer lemon juice, accented with buttery avocado round out this light bento lunch.