Monday, August 26, 2013

mushroom flatbread bento

Hi bento pals! I like a bit of whimsy with lunch, how about you? Here, dill-Havarti bunnies and butterflies have landed on my mushroom flatbread, surrounded by ripe green figs on one side and solar orange garden tomatoes on the other.
I'm very pleased with the growth of my 'Abraham Darby' rose this summer!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

salmon avocado sandwich bento

        For lunch today: salmon salad and avocado sandwich, romaine leaves with yellow garden tomato and avocado salad. We are loving the sweetness of the tomatoes we've harvested so far this year! Several peppers are ripening as well, and some will be served with grilled turkey sausage tonight.
A raspberry macaron and tender little raspberries harvested from our vine end lunch on a sweet note. Happy cooking!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

smoked clam chowder and garden tomato bento

Hi friends! This soup and salad bento was the result of a trip to one of our favorite destinations: the town of Bodega on the way to the ocean. In Bodega is a charming deli called the Bodega Country Store which sells delicious soups and salads: the smoked clam chowder was picked up there.
In the salad portion of the bento, an under layer of grilled corn, and on top, golden Azoychka   tomatoes from the garden and Japanese cucumber picked there as well. Goat cheese and sage flower accents. We are off to San Francisco tomorrow to try a highly recommended Persian restaurant--excited!