Tuesday, August 13, 2013

salmon avocado sandwich bento

        For lunch today: salmon salad and avocado sandwich, romaine leaves with yellow garden tomato and avocado salad. We are loving the sweetness of the tomatoes we've harvested so far this year! Several peppers are ripening as well, and some will be served with grilled turkey sausage tonight.
A raspberry macaron and tender little raspberries harvested from our vine end lunch on a sweet note. Happy cooking!


Miss Mochi said...

Oh yum that raspberry macaron looks tasty! I also love that you cut the avocado into a flower. So cute! I wish I had a garden.

Bentobird said...

Hi there Miss M! I love using my Japanese flower-shaped cutters for insta-sakura shapes--a fun and fast way to add a little something extra to lunch :) We are total garden newbies, luckily the peppers, raspberries and tomatoes are happy where we planted them. Happy cooking this week!

Cherie said...

This is cool!