Monday, March 23, 2015

spring soba noodles bento

Spring has come to vivid life here in Sonoma County: roses have started blooming, as have lilacs, wisteria, tulips. When I took photos this morning of what's emerging in the garden, I did so with ringing chorus of birdsong around me: soft-calling doves, raucous crows.
Cecile Brunner climbing rose has just started her pale pink bloom:
For lunch, healthy soba noodles layered with ginger flavors and tossed with asparagus and plump shrimp. Minced fresh asparagus went into the asparagus-shrimp stir fry, and pink pickled ginger was sliced into the cooked noodles along with some of the tart pickling liquid, along with a bit of Q-P Ginger Sesame dressing. Peppery arugula plucked from outside and some pretty radish flowers join the gingery noodles for a bright and springy meal.