Wednesday, October 2, 2013

curried noodles soboro bento

Hello and happy October! Today's bento evokes the golden, spicy tones of the new season with curried noodles (more about those in a minute), grilled zucchini, harvested after becoming huge in the garden, a heart-cut pumpkin spice pastry and a mosaic of sweet grapes.
Curried Noodles with Turkey Soboro
Sauté minced ginger, shallots and garlic in canola oil, add ground turkey and shavings of Japanese curry (such as Golden Curry brand) and Vietnamese style curry powder, toss in a sliced yellow or orange bell pepper. Set a pot of cold salted water to boil, blanch carrot slices and chopped, peeled sweet potato, remove. Add noodles and cook until done, drain. Combine noodles with curried turkey, carrots, other veggies and adjust seasonings--adding more of the curries if desired and for additional heat, sriracha sauce. Toss in bias cut scallions and enjoy!
October has swept in cooler mornings and some rainy nights, and a newly ambered light even on the sunniest blue skied days...