Monday, April 13, 2015

shiso wrap bento

Today's bento features Korean-spring flavors: kimchi fried rice wrapped in aromatic shiso leaves with coconut-oil stir fried baby zucchini and asparagus. These tasty items share the bamboo bento box with scallion pancakes from a local Asian market. Garden chives and a few little yellow tomatoes also for lunch. The soft golden rose is a variety called The Impressionist, now in pastel bloom against the sunny well-house wall. I look forward to these delicate, lush blooms with their softest tint of pink on outermost petals every spring.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

smoked salmon tea sandwiches

Today's snack with smoked salmon, cream cheese and edible johnny jump up flowers clipped from the garden. We recently had our first dinner outside since spring arrived, including prosciutto-wrapped asparagus on the grill. Here they are right before grilling, expertly prepped by Jamison:
Happy spring cooking!

Monday, March 23, 2015

spring soba noodles bento

Spring has come to vivid life here in Sonoma County: roses have started blooming, as have lilacs, wisteria, tulips. When I took photos this morning of what's emerging in the garden, I did so with ringing chorus of birdsong around me: soft-calling doves, raucous crows.
Cecile Brunner climbing rose has just started her pale pink bloom:
For lunch, healthy soba noodles layered with ginger flavors and tossed with asparagus and plump shrimp. Minced fresh asparagus went into the asparagus-shrimp stir fry, and pink pickled ginger was sliced into the cooked noodles along with some of the tart pickling liquid, along with a bit of Q-P Ginger Sesame dressing. Peppery arugula plucked from outside and some pretty radish flowers join the gingery noodles for a bright and springy meal.