Tuesday, February 16, 2016

smoked salmon hearts and avocado bento

As late winter merges into what feels like an early spring here in Sonoma County, a bento to celebrate our Meyer lemon tree heavy with dark yellow and tender skinned fruit. I used Meyer lemon zest to add tangy zip to the cream cheese layer of these heart shaped tea sandwiches and decorated them with small bright wedges of lemon. Local smoked salmon really sparkled with the lemon contrast! Butter lettuce lightly dressed with olive oil and yes, Meyer lemon juice, accented with buttery avocado round out this light bento lunch.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

cooling rice and seafood bento

A refreshing lunch for another warm late-summer day: lightly rice vinegared rice, crabmeat. ikura, radish sprouts, Japanese eggplant pickle and a few juicy snow peas. We went to Mitsuwa in San Jose this week and had a great time shopping and eating. Delicious ramen with spicy miso broth from Santouka, co-located with Mitsuwa:
The foods of Hokkaido were featured on this visit to Mitsuwa. We enjoyed some delish crab croquettes from this special event, yum...
Sweets to celebrate the coming season:
More pretty candies, love these colors!
Happy cooking, friends!

Monday, July 27, 2015

summer snack bento

Finally back to bento after a long break! Today's bento offers cooling flavors and textures for a hot July day. Local scarlet red tomatoes, green figs and lightly dressed chilled shrimp: simple and refreshing. Here's the farm stand/market on the way to the beach where we picked up the delicious tomatoes:
Cows grazing near where we park to make our way down to the ocean
Happy Summer!