Wednesday, April 2, 2014

spring chirashizushi bento, daiso san jose visit

Hi there! Today's post shares some images from a recent visit to San Jose's Mitsuwa shopping center, complete with a Daiso and well-stocked Mitsuwa grocery. First, the exquisite spring-celebratory peach wagashi from Minamoto Kitchoan:
Mochi "donuts"
Green tea in essence of spring packaging
At Daiso, these cat key chains were both weird and cute
A bright explosion of fake flowers, also at Daiso
Back to bento: the chirashizushi contains lightly rice-vinegared rice topped with ikura, kamaboko, sliced omelet, spicy pink-stemmed radish sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms and daikon pickles cut in sakura shapes--a very light and refreshing lunch!



Thursday, March 13, 2014

bon voyage article, two spring bentos


Hi friends! I was recently featured in Taiwan's Bon Voyage travel magazine in an issue celebrating  Japan in springtime. I was honored have a selection of my bentos shared with the Bon Voyage audience...thank you, Elsa C.! Speaking of spring, here are two recent lunches inspired by the colors and tastes of early spring (which has arrived in spirit if not yet by date here in Sonoma County). The first holds a crisp mini croissant, curried turkey and asparagus/sugar snap peas:

Sweet pink and white camellias:
Lilacs in bloom:

Pink, plum-flavored soba noodles make a pastel base for ginger stir-fried pork. Spicy radish sprouts, daikon "sakuras" and asparagus also for lunch:
Tiniest fig on our petite fig tree:
Saki enjoying her sunny morning-perch:
Happy cooking!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

cusp of spring bento

Late February is bringing in colored wafts of spring with trees in pink and white petaled bloom and in my rainy yard today, violet iris unfurling. The tight buds on our lilac tree are starting to open:

In the bento, a watercress bed for smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich (with perky green apple Scotty!) endive and fennel frond, cabbage-beet pickle, stir fried asparagus and a crunchy pink radish all taste like the cusp of spring here today...