Tuesday, August 19, 2014

purple pepper bento

Hi folks! Today's bento is a mix of summery colors and flavors. A pretty purple pepper is filled with Japanese-style curry made with ground turkey and dark leafy greens. Curry made with Golden Curry brand cubes has become something of a staple dish for us--it elevates ground turkey, in particular, to savory-spicy new heights.
This time, I sautéed sliced onion, garlic and ginger in coconut oil before adding the turkey to brown, after which I shaved one block of curry roux into the wok and added enough water to make a light sauce. Blanched gai lan greens were added to the curry towards the end of cooking to keep them crisp. 
Quick-cooked snow peas and summery sliced tomatoes with a light ginger dressing also in the bento. For dessert: garden-gathered raspberries and blackberries and yummy berry filled chocolates from Daiso.
Happy bentoing!