Monday, August 26, 2013

mushroom flatbread bento

Hi bento pals! I like a bit of whimsy with lunch, how about you? Here, dill-Havarti bunnies and butterflies have landed on my mushroom flatbread, surrounded by ripe green figs on one side and solar orange garden tomatoes on the other.
I'm very pleased with the growth of my 'Abraham Darby' rose this summer!


tata | bonitafood said...

The butterflies makes this bento sounds like a springy one :D. Hahah, I have whimsy everyday meals too at many times; I just don't post it ;p.

Anyway, you always have healthy and fresh bentos. Something that I hardly follow as I am a meaty girl and junk food lover :D

Bentobird said...

Hi Ta! Oh, I love my junk food too...I had a large plate of onion rings as dinner last night!

sheri miya said...

Oh yes, I love whimsy. With and without lunch!
And I recognize your lovely Abraham Darby! He looks positively splendiferous!

Bentobird said...

Hi Sheri! Thanks indeed--and what a unique scent on this rose, somehow piercingly citrus and very sweet :) Have a beautiful Tuesday evening.

Gnoe (@graasland) said...

I'll have a lunch like that any day! :D

Bentobird said...

Why thank you dear Ms. Gnoe!