Friday, April 19, 2013

cali roll and baby daikon leaves bento

Hi and happy almost-weekend! A 'speed bento" with California rolls, spicy daikon leaves, assorted ginger pickles and wasabi, and two cute mango "butterflies."
Oh--my new tea tin from SF:
Some roses to share:


Saffron and Coriander said...

Your bento is lovely as always.
It is so simple, but elegant.
And I just love your new tea tin and roses. Here the snowdrops just stopped flowering and the violets only just started blossoming.

What did you use for your Calfornia roll to give it that yellow look?

Bentobird said...

Hello Saffron and C! Many thanks for your always sweet comments, they make me smile :) I think its the way the sesame seeds photographed that created the yellow cast? Happy cooking this week and oh how I love violets, the most adorable spring blooms...

Saffron and Coriander said...

Oh, it is sesame!
You deserve sweet comments because your bento arrangements always make me smile and brighten up cold and grey days here.

Bentobird said...

Now THAT makes me glad!