Saturday, March 31, 2012

delicious spring scrambled eggs

Hello, friends! Here's Jamison's recipe for a delicious and richly flavorful version of shirred eggs. A pal shared some ultra fresh organic eggs with a deep golden color and wonderful depth of flavor that inspired this special treatment...

Shirred Eggs with Scallion and Radicchio
serves 2

5 organic eggs
1/4 head radicchio, shredded fine
5 scallions, green and white sections, sliced thin
1/8 cup each Asiago and Havarti (Dill flavor, if you can find) cheese, grated
1 generous tablespoon of Greek Yogurt
ground chipotle pepper

Crack eggs in a bowl and combine with Greek yogurt, salt and fresh ground pepper. Melt a slice of butter in pan, saute radicchio and scallion until tender, then add eggs/cheese and cook over very low heat, adding pinches of cheese and about 4 shakes chipotle pepper. Cook until tenderly done with a soft texture. Enjoy!


karaimame said...

Oh Jenn! The organic eggs ended up in a really delicious and pretty meal! I must try to mix Greek yogurt to the eggs next time, might be divine :9.
Such a fabulous composition in your last picture... I am still dreaming about Spring and flowers ;)
Have a sweet Sunday friend!

Bentobird said...

Hello Lil! The Greek yogurt really adds an element of lush rich body to the eggs, so yummy. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed this little post :)

Robin E. H. Ove said...

Your breakfasts with Jamison are an inspiration. It is usually coffee and maybe oatmeal for me. It is more often we have breakfast for dinner and early in the morning.

I must try adding greek yogurt, sounds so tangy and rich.

Happy week Jenn! (Packing yet?)

Bentobird said...

Hi Robin! Weekend breakfasts can be so fun--there's a treat aspect to a leisurely morning when you can putter around in the kitchen and come up with new variations on old favorites! Interested to hear your thoughts on Greek yogurt addition!

Yep, we are starting to pack and gear up for the move! Have a fantastic Monday, friend...

Brian said...

Fantastic! Greek yogurt and dill havarti, this would go great with some lox or gravlax.

If there iss nothing written about the Buddha saying to make yourself a nice breakfast on the weekends, it was probably just lost to history.

Lyndsey said...

My favorite is dill havarti...just love it. I agree and think the yougurt is a must try in scrambled eggs. We like to do a big breakfast on the weekends too.

Bentobird said...

Hi Brian! Thanks for coming by with your great comments...dill havarti ftw...and indeed, these eggs deserved a sutra!

Bentobird said...

Hi dear Lynds, always love to read your warm and friendly comments here! Mmmmmmm dill havarti!