Monday, March 26, 2012

orange mint quinoa salad

Hi there! This weekend I came up with a refreshing springy salad that I'd like to share...

Orange Mint Quinoa Salad

1 cup of quinoa
1 cup chickpeas, cooked
3 scallions, sliced on bias, white and green
1/2 fennel bulb, sliced thin and cut to 1/2 inch pieces (reserve feathery fronds)
a large handful of fresh mint, torn
about 10 almonds, chopped
one juicy orange, cut in half
1/2 orange, peeled and cut in small pieces
a pour of orange infused olive oil or your fav
one teaspoon garlic paste or one clove, minced fine and crushed
3 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon mayonnaise

Cook quinoa in two cups of water (with salt or dissolve half a vegetable bouillon cube), adding grains when water is boiling; lower to simmer and cook until tender.

Place quinoa in bowl, add chickpeas. Lightly salt and add fresh ground black pepper to taste. Squeeze orange halves over, blend, then add a pour of orange infused olive oil.

Make the yogurt dressing: combine Greek yogurt and garlic paste (or crushed garlic), mayonnaise in a small bowl then blend together with quinoa and chickpeas. Add scallion, fennel slices and fronds, almond pieces, torn mint and orange pieces and combine. Taste, correct seasonings, and garnish with whole mint leaves. Enjoy!

We had a rainy weekend that soaked and replenished bright flowers--tulips at vibrant peak right now:

Have a wonderful week, friends!


berrygirl@mommy kiki can! said...

Once again you've done it! Sounds like a tasty and exciting flavor combo...anytime there's mint involved I think "Mmmm, daring. Let's try it for dinner!" Also thank you for all Southern Glory in pictures, such things are wonderful for my soul!

Bentobird said...

what a sweet treat your comments are, berrygirl! thanks for lighting up my morning with your warmth, and have a wonderful week ahead :)

Robin O said...

Thank you for posting this bright and delicious salad recipe. I love the little crunch of quinoa and the fresh combo of mint, orange and fennel seem like a fabulous combination!

I only have 1 lonesome little purple tulip blooming and love all of the beauties pictured here at Bentobird.

Hope you have a great week!

Bentobird said...

Hi dear Robin! I'd be honored if you tried this impromptu creation, we really enjoyed it and I hope you will too. Are other flowers unfurling in your gardnen besides that cute solitary purple tulip?

Have a fantastic week,"see" you soon!

karaimame said...

Oh Jenn! How delicious looking salad this is! Fabulous use of quinoa in this renewed version of tabbouleh ;). Super yum!
I loved the flowers in this post!! You guys are quite ahead with the awakening of Spring... So jealous ^_^! But that's ok, I can admire your nature from here :)

Bentobird said...

Hi Lilian dear--I love your description of this salad as a "renewed tabbouleh"--so cool! May Spring come soon to Finland :) happy week to you, friend.

Lyndsey said...

Hi Jenn, we actually got a little rain this weekend too, but all in all it was a beautiful weekend. I like quinoa better cold in salads, and this one sound so good with the fennel and yogurt and so many other goodies. I do miss seeing all the beautiful, colorful tulips. So I just come here to see them, thanks!


Brian said...

Fennel for the win! I definitely want to try this. Thanks!

Bentobird said...

Thanks sweet Lynds, I always love the variety of wholesome grains in your recipes...have a great evening!

Bentobird said...

Hi Brian! Yep, fennel is so elegant and versatile. Sure hope you'll enjoy this recipe. Any special meals in NYC to report:)
? We were hoping you would go to the venerable and delicious Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station...

sheri fujihara chen said...

What a wonderful idea `` I would never have thought to add orange to quinoa salad. I'd love to try it. Your parrot tulips are beautiful! That's one thing you might miss about the CA growing season. ^_^

Bentobird said...

Hi Sheri! I love citrus flavor, am always interested in adding to dishes in new ways :) So curious to explore the new climate and gardening options in CA...but yes I would mmiss these expressive tulips!

melonpan said...

that sounds very tasty and delicious

Bentobird said...

thanks so much, melonpan!