Tuesday, March 30, 2010

italian bunny bento

An al fresco bento featuring an edible bunny (to take part in this month's B.O.M.B. challenge!) and springy Italian flavors. Hopping at the chance to use the new magewappa box again, I've filled it here with white roughy in a Genoese-inspired pine nut, green pea, scallion and basil pesto sauce. 

The fish sits atop butter lettuce and is surrounded by juicy mini heirloom tomatoes. The huge-eared bunny (hmmm, or is it a jerboa?) is fashioned from a Trader Joe's arancini (a yummy Italian cheese filled, rice wrapped treat) with endive "ears"!

On the other side of the divider, carrot "linguine", snap peas, and scallions; atop the lemon slice is a tiny sprig of oregano from my garden. This plant has tremendous life force, coming up early and exultantly each spring to provide spicy, healthful herbal accents until frost!
Baby ginkgo leaves emerging:
Sakura blossoms!
Early pink tulip after an afternoon rain shower:
Just now, an enormous flock of shiny black birds with indigo-blue heads swept down for seeds in our front yard. The feathery whoosh of a hundred wings seemed to reach inside the house with a sound loud yet gentle...first time I've seen these beautiful birds. Sorry they flew away when I came outside, oh so gingerly, with my camera!


Susan Yuen said...

Awww, the bunny is adorable!!! Pretty flower pics too! :D

bentobird said...

Thanks Susan! Your recent bunny bentos have been so great!

Lil'chan said...

Your bunny is so cute! Could be directly from an anime ;) And the dishes of your bento look so delicious.
It's nice to see, that spring has come to you as well ^-^

Lia Chen said...

Bunny's ears are so cute! Well done for the BOMB entry. Are there any special care for the magewappa box? More flowers, yeah!!

megan said...

gorgeous box and contents - the fish topping looks delish, will have to try that. and the bunny is so cute - what a clever idea to use the rice ball, and stick on ears!
enjoying the lovely floral shots, too - a much-needed dose of spring!

bentobird said...

Hi Lil'chan, Lia and megan--so nice to be visited by your sunny comments!

Lil'chan, your comment helped me see this bunny in a new way!

Lia, I'm treating this box with extra care, as the lovely wood is unfinished and I want to prevent stains...will be careful with things like blackberries! I'll keep the spring flower pics coming!

megan, I'm just loving pine nuts of late, I've seen you do such yummy Italian dishes, you may like this very green combo! Hope the sun is shining in NYC as it is here today!

Anonymous said...

I Like! But I hope you don't mind me saying those bunny ears look more like antlers to me... Must be because I'm a gnu! ;)

bentobird said...

Haha gnoegnoe! This is indeed a very odd looking bunny! When I did some google image searches for the cute but strange creature I'd made, the closest match was a huge eared desert mouse called a jerboa (see link above!)

But perhaps, her your comment, its really a gnu-bunny!