Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiger Cub Valentine Bento

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day greetings as we near Sunday's conjuction of these holidays, a delightful chance to celebrate love and renewal! 

This bento reflects both holidays, with a smiling, confident tiger cub (the Tiger's zodiac motto is "I win!") crafted from pastry dough for the incoming Year of the Tiger, her path strewn with orange pepper tiger lilies. Also in the bento: happy heart-shaped rainbow chard, goat cheese, and ripe red strawberries for Valentine's Day:
Wikipedia's wonderfully informative entry on the Chinese New Year celebration traces its traditions, foods, and cosmology. The paper placemat at a very good nearby Vietnamese restaurant, Pho 2000 in Herndon, said this about Tiger folks:
On our post-blizzard outing to Pho 2000, we enjoyed a seafood hot pot:
And soft shell crabs in a sizzling, aromatic onion-ginger sauce:
Weeping cherry and frozen Lake Anne, by Jamison:
Storms over, the sun is filling the sky with a heart-lifting brightness and soft, expansive light.
Tristan, one of the cutest little guys in the neighborhood, out for a stroll in his bright red sweater: 
More auspicious reds and golds to bring in the sun and bright good fortune:
Wishing you love, peace, health, and prosperity in this new Year of the Tiger, bento friends!


Lia Chen said...

Too cute! Jenn, you are great in crafting that tiger. That is amazing work!! I wish we can keep that awesome tiger for the whole year. Happy Chinese New Year!

bentobird said...

Dear Lia, as always your comments make my heart glad! So pleased you liked my little cub :) Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours!

babykins said...

Beautiful photos and an artistic bento ! I love the tiny cute lilies. And you crafted the tiger cub awesomely, too cute to eat! But it sounds crispy and yummy.

Are two people reflected in the window of the restaurant you and Jamison?
The body-warming dishes! I'd love both for lunch right now!! :D

bentobird said...

Hi Izumi!
Thanks so much for your thoughtful and kind comments :)
Yep, that's us in the window, both feeling quite full and warmed from the meal. Have a wonderful weekend and I'm looking forward to your next blog entry!

Anonymous said...

You're a real magician! Happy year of the tiger!

bentobird said...

gnoegnoe you are so sweet...thank you and Happy Year of the Tiger, my dear!

Lil'chan said...

Wow, your tiger is so impressive! I like how it looks. Especially the eyes are so great!

Lexi said...

Stunning tiger, I love the flowers too! Am also jealous of the Vietnamese food - one of my favourites. Yum!

bentobird said...

Hi Lil'chan and thank you for your warm comments, my dear. Happy Year of the Tiger!

bentobird said...

Hey Lexi!
Happy Year of the Tiger to you! I love Vietnamese food, too, and hope to try some recipes at home this year :)

Judy said...

Tweet tweet Bentobird !!! - Happy New Year! I love all your food photos, and your tiger is the cutest!

hapabento said...

Hi Jenn, Reading your articles is like taking a journey. I appreciate your creativity and artistic interpretation of your surroundings.

Lovely tiger. What a great idea.

bentobird said...

Hiya Judy!
Thanks for stopping by with your bright and happy chirps, I mean, comments! Happy New Year, my friend :)

bentobird said...

Dear Debra,
Your encouragement means so much to me. I love that we share this online community to inspire and enjoy one another's creativity--it's great!
Happy New Year :)

megan said...

nothing hits the spot on a cold day like hot pot - well played! and i love your beautiful still life images.

and this tiger cub is too cute. i also love the techniques you've used on the pepper flowers. beautiful work, so festive and vibrant!

bentobird said...

Dear Megan, your comments are a like a warming hot pot for my bento soul, thank you! Glad you liked my cub-girl...I think the 2010 year of the Tiger(ess) has a feisty yet feminine vibe ;)
Hope the sun is shining in NYC the way it is here this Saturday late morning--have a really great weekend!