Friday, February 26, 2010

tapas bento

There's a strong north wind blowing today, the sky an opaque grey. Though New York is getting the big snowfall this time (hi gamene!), it is uncommonly cold here. My response: a Spanish tapas bento!

The Torres sherry bull strides across a Spanish-style omelette with baby potatoes, artichoke hearts, leeks, and savory cheese. Pickled okra--a summer momento--and heart-shaped beets, mushrooms and yellow peppers sautéed in green olive oil, mache, and juicy mandarin orange slices share the ring. Olé!
Handmade food pick:
Have a great weekend, bento friends!


Lia Chen said...

I love the all accessories that you put in your bento. Very nice handmade food pick. Tapas bento is awesome! Have fun this weekend Jenn :)

sherimiya said...

Ooh, I missed the pressed flower pick the first time through. It's soo sweet, I want to make one too! The sherry bull is so cool too! I have to start drinking sherry, I think :)
I simply love your meadowy and sunshiny bento, as you know... I have traveled to the Costa del Sol today... thank you :)

bentobird said...

Hi Lia!
Your comments are as sweet and special as your bentos--many thanks for your support! Wishing you a fun and refreshing weekend, too :)

bentobird said...

Hi sherimiya!
I loved your description of my bento as "meadowy"--so nice! Makes me feel the little bull is happy and at home in a verdant field! Hope the sun in shining through the apricot trees today...

babykins said...

Hi Jenn, it's warm and calm today in my place. It seems that spring is coming.

Pretty flower pick! Its paper looks like 'washi' Japanese paper. And the nice color of the mandarin slices.
I'd love to taste your Spanish omelet,yum! The rhythm of flamenco is flowing around my ears now, Olé!

bentobird said...

Hiya Izumi!

Ah, that weather report sounds lovely! Glad you liked my flower pick. I love Japanese washi paper--just ordered some online and it arrived on Friday. One of the sheets has the prettiest pink and gold cherry blossom pattern--can't wait to use it come spring!

And speaking of flamenco, I was listening to the Gypsy Kings when I made this bento :)

Lexi said...

I love the bull - such a nice touch! Beautiful!

bentobird said...

Thanks Lexi! I thought he was so cute that I saved him from the Torres sherry bottle after it was finished years ago...finally found a way to put him on display!

megan said...

omg, i didn't even see your shout-out until just now! sorry, i've been such a nerd lately with my head buried completely in the books. yup, we got a ton of snowfall, it's been alternately lovely (nothing like the sight of snow covered branches and architectural details) and annoying (trudging through blocks of dingy slush to get to the subway).

anywho, this bento is just fab, the bull is a perfect accent to the delicious spanish omelette (didn't maki recently tweet about "tortillas"?), and i'm loving this handmade pick. you are so crafty and talented!

bentobird said...

Hi megan! This flurry of great posts from you is so fun :) I know what you mean about that pristine snow/icky slush continuum!

Haha, I originally called this one a "Spanish Tortilla" bento then changed my mind! (Hmmm, maybe I should join twitter?) Like you, I'm a fan of yummy egg and veggie combos, and this is one version that tastes best at room temperature, perfect for bento! And of course, I love ALL of your creative and crafty bento accents!