Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Union Square Greenmarket Visit and Bento

A visit to the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC on a drizzly Friday morning last week more than fulfilled my expectations. The very human scale of the market, coiled around the park's green heart, offered bright-colored variety and selection at every table. The sounds and energy of the city surrounding the market seemed to intensify the vividness of everything grown and offered.

Beautiful fall fruits and vegetables glowed with good health. Especially fresh and delicate produce was available at the Lani's Farm stand, grown in Hightstown NJ with evident loving care:

Their nasturtium were a peppery delight and became a key bento element, as did their baby romaine and mizuna. I felt like the bento made itself, with these items migrating to their self-selected, natural places.

Peppers, squash and other fall produce in many varieties:

As were handcrafted cheeses and breads:

Flowers of many kinds:

and much more!

Afterwards, my brother Peter and I met up and discovered a very good Japanese place for lunch just a few of blocks away: Butai, 115 E 18th St. Excellent salmon teriyaki with crispy skin bento lunch, relaxed atmosphere, grey gentle breeze blowing through its open doors--a find!


Anonymous said...

Makes me homesick for the Fall that I'm missing, some of the pics remind me of Ithaca. There is so much value in the harvest season, so much to cherish from Mother Earth. Thanks for the great images.
With Love from the Dustbowl...
Snowy Owl

bentobird said...

Hello Snowy Owl Jamison,
Yes, this market reminded me of the Ithaca market with its splendid colors and freshness, too. I really like this statement: "there is so much value in the harvest season, so much to cherish from Mother Earth." You'll be back from the desert to share the season with me soon...

Judy said...

You must be a real foodie to take a picture of beets. Loved these!

bentobird said...

Thanks Judy! Just wait till I start filling my bentos with them ;)--with goat cheese, walnuts and tarragon, they are really good!