Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rainy Market Day Bento

The season is changing quickly: Saturday morning was just 45 degrees. Soft rain and gray skies an ideal background for fiery foliage...

Reston's Washington Plaza early Saturday morning:

The Reston Farmer's Market closes for the season in two weeks. While waiting for its Spring return, it will be interesting to explore year round markets in the area, including Alexandria's Market Square, where "farmers and artists have been selling their products since 1753."

These pumpkin and spice treats are from Valentine Country Bakery in Orange, VA:

This bento was made with market eggplant, tomatoes, baby greens, and edible flowers. It reflects the sense of chill adventure and change in the air, as color and life intensifies before being sent underground for renewal and rebirth. In other words, Halloween is on the way!


Lia Chen said...

Hi! I've given your blog an award, please check on my blog to collect it :o)

bentobird said...

Thanks Lia, so kind of you! Looking forward to visiting your site and sharing bento ideas and inspirations!
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