Wednesday, April 2, 2014

spring chirashizushi bento, daiso san jose visit

Hi there! Today's post shares some images from a recent visit to San Jose's Mitsuwa shopping center, complete with a Daiso and well-stocked Mitsuwa grocery. First, the exquisite spring-celebratory peach wagashi from Minamoto Kitchoan:
Mochi "donuts"
Green tea in essence of spring packaging
At Daiso, these cat key chains were both weird and cute
A bright explosion of fake flowers, also at Daiso
Back to bento: the chirashizushi contains lightly rice-vinegared rice topped with ikura, kamaboko, sliced omelet, spicy pink-stemmed radish sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms and daikon pickles cut in sakura shapes--a very light and refreshing lunch!




Baby C said...

Beautiful spring pictures! I so miss having a good Japanese store nearby. I have to drive 45 minutes to get to even an Asian grocery store (think ala Ranch Market).

Bento looks wonderful! I have been craving ikura for months.

Bentobird said...

Thanks for your very nice comments, I hope some ikura will be in the near-future!