Thursday, August 4, 2011

caprese bento

Hi bento pals! Whew, its been a super busy week, how about for you? I'm glad Friday's on the way! A simple and summery lunch for Friday features a spin on caprese salad, with milky and mild fresh mozzarella slices bordered with heirloom tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and garnished with green and fragrant basil...

A red wine-marinated miniburger, olive oil brushed ciabatta bread and tart-sweet peach slices plus sweet cherries also in the bento.

Have a relaxing and lovely weekend!


Susan Yuen said...

I love caprese! You always make food look like art. Beautiful!

Bentobird said...

Hi Susan! Refreshing and summery, right? Thanks for your visit, happy weekend!

Robin said...

You were quick to capture the essense of a summer picnic in a bento Jenn! I can just imagine the creamy mozzarella and the infused mini-burger is just inspired.

You must have a rapid shutter button finger to capture the butterfly visiting the bright zinna. I am too slow for flying creatures. Bravo!

Bentobird said...

Hello there Robin! Thanks so much :) I've been looking forward to this classic combo for the last couple of days, admiring our countertop collection of plump and colorful market tomatoes!

I felt so lucky to capture the was so absorbed in its zinnia mission that I had a good 30 seconds or so to snap away!

Any fun plans for the weekend, buddy?

Robin said...

Went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival last weekend, so may need to catch up at home. (yes, tasted garlic ice cream, calamari, alligator and froglegs!)

Well, should probably finish the bathroom remodel or deal with the new fence the neighbor is putting in... or.... ignore it all and go cook something!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and find something cooling to do.

Bentobird said...

Oh, thanks for the report--I've heard of that famous festival, it sounds amazing! Garlic calamari, yes indeed!

Haha, love the "ignore it all and go cook something" option! Hey, you have several hundred curries still to make, right?

Best wishes ^^!

Anonymous said...

Heyho Bentobird,

back from holidays. It was so interesting, but I am now tired. So much to see, it was very good. We got selfe made olive oil from the italian part of the family that we met in Munich. Munich was to busy for me ;) but it was just one day... perhaps with more time it would be better. The museums were great! And tomorrow i'll be back in my office ;) too fast after our 1.500 kilometers trip.

Now its nice to visit your blog and take a look at these tasty bento. I wish you a good start into the new week.


Bentobird said...

Hi there Anja! So nice to read about your holiday visit and I can relate to challenge of returning to work after a break--my first day back after our recent California trip was hard!

Are you posting images from your visit anywhere online? Would love to see them...

Have a great week, my friend :D