Friday, April 30, 2010

a spring walk in old town

Hi friends. Today's bento featured lemony salmon salad on a toasted whole grain toast heart, a golden beet "sandwich" with herbed goat cheese, spicy oregano from the garden, romaine, sprouts, grapefruit and a bright yellow Indian sweet. The tiny yellow flower appeared this year next to the clematis vine--cute, no?
I wanted to share the sights of yesterday's lovely walk though Old Town Alexandria with you. Many examples of 18th century neoclassical architecture ornament this city:
 One of my favorite places in Old Town is Historic Christ Church. The church and its flower-rich garden is a place of great serenity, one of those special spaces that vibrate with peace and grace. George Washington worshiped here, back in the day:
 The church yard is lovingly tended and dotted with the resting places of Alexandrians from centuries past.
Amid the calming green foliage, I found radiant flowers, including this iris:
And a magnificent flowering tree with blossoms in citrusy, tropical colors:
Lush peonies:
And roses that amazed me!
A flourishing "Peace" rose with enormous blooms:
Angelic headstone detail:
This rose variety featured multiple colors on one bush and leaves in green and what looked like cream silk:
Graceful aquilegia:
Thanks for coming along, and have a happy weekend full of relaxation and fun!


Lyndsey said...

What a lovely walk you had. Very nice photos, I love the architecture. Beautiful bento too!

sherimiya said...

Wow, so much history! I love your rose shots! Lemony sunshiny day for you is a happy day for me :)

Susan Yuen said...

Gorgeous bento! I love how even the cute baran animals are so happy to be in your bento! :D Beautiful pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Bentobird! I knnow you've made *my* day :)

tofugirl said...

Perfect match! Sunny bento....sunny flowers :D Those old tombstones are really interesting, too!

bentobird said...

Thanks Lyndsey, I appreciate your wonderful comments!

Hi sherimiya, many thanks! A lemony sunshiny day is a perfect description, love it! Wishing you the same today :)

Hi Susan! These baran guys are just infectiously joyful, no? Just like your bentos :)

Hi gnoegnoe, so nice visiting with you, as you made mine with the sakura collection post!

Hi tofugirl! Yes, they are full of character and handmade beauty. Thanks for coming along and I look forward to reading about your NYC foodie adventures this weekend!

hypothermya said...

That iris is truly majestic. As I was reading through this, I found myself thinking about how much I enjoy reading your blog entries -- each one is like a beautiful stroll through a beautiful garden. Especially this entry. I feel whisked away. And the sandwich looks good -- I love golden beets.

bentobird said...

Such sweet comments are so nice to read, Christie, thank you! This was a visit to a special place a bit outside the everyday...and I'm so glad you enjoyed my attempt to convey this here. P.S. Golden beets are fairly new to me and I love them, too :)

megan said...

thanks for bringing us on another one of your lovely, flower-filled explorations :-)

the bento looks fabulous -- whole grain, goat cheese, and herbs, so yummy, and the hearts are adorable and sweet!

bentobird said...

Thank you gamene! I take great inspiration from your intensely colorful and cheerful bentos :) NYC was so windy and beautiful today...