Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thai larb bento and first lilacs

We love this spicy, tart chicken recipe with its vivid Thai flavors: Here it is bento'd with rice and Thai radish pods from the garden and some other spring's-in-the-air goodness from outside: mint and lilacs!


Tracie said...


Tracie said...

Those bright pops of spring color is a welcome sight!

Saffron and Coriander said...

Another lovely creation. I just love how you transport nature's harmony, but also freshness and colours through your bentos.
Here the snowdrops and crocus are just past their zenith and in some southfacing gardens I have spotted the first daisies and violets.
Looking at your bentos always makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful.

Bentobird said...

Hello and Happy Spring Saffron and C! Your comment was beautiful to read and got me thinking about my next bento project: thanks!