Friday, November 18, 2011

panini heaven

Hi friends! It's Friday night, it has been a long and busy week...and we are celebrating the weekend with some really delicious paninis. Would like to share a really yummy approach to these satisfying Italian treats...informed by Jamison's years in Italy!

Fresh Italian country bread, sliced
fresh mozzarella, sliced
Vidalia or other mild onion, sliced very thin
fresh arugula leaves
Calabrese salame
Tangy Italian cheese like Asiago sliced thin
three minced cloves garlic

In a bowl, blend two tablespoons of butter with three minced garlic cloves and a small handful of arugula:

Assemble your lovely panini elements:

Fresh mozzarella and arugula...
Peppered Asiago...
Cured meats:
Italian bread:
Butter two halves of Italian bread with the garlic-butter-arugula spread, then layer on your tangy cheese slices:
Next, the thinly sliced onions...
Fresh mozzarella...
Calabrese Salame
Layer on arugula leaves...
Add the second slice of bread on top and carefully dip in a shallow bowl of olive oil to coat:
....and place in heated panini press (or pan with warmed olive oil, to pan-fry), cook until beautifully golden...enjoy with a glass of your favorite red wine.
Happy weekend!


Kay Heritage said...

Oh, my goodness! Yes, it is indeed panini heaven! looks so scrumptious! :)

Lyndsey said...

It''s... just beautiful...almost brought me to tears! :D hehehe

What a great weekend treat perfect before the big eating holidays! Of course the best ingredients make the best sandwiches, or was that pizzas. Okay now I'm just getting a little punchy...I had a busy week too, I need to get some sleep! :)

Have a wonderful weekend Jenn, and Jamison too!

Lyndsey said...

They do look really good, I love the arugula leaves on it. Great photos!

Arudhi said...

I love the name of Panini! It sounds so pretty and cute :D The photos of the meat and cheese layers looks so delish! Enjoy your weekend!

Bentobird said...

Thanks Kay! Hope all is well, happy weekend to you :)

Bentobird said...

Hi Lynds, I could totally see us sitting down together with a stack of these! Happy Saturday :)

Bentobird said...

Hi Arudhi dear! They were tasty indeed, hehe...have a super weekend!

Jennifer Gildred MA ATR said...

Oooh, Jenn!! This one is too good to pass up on. I'm not sure I can go without one of these myself!! I love the step by step recipe... you make it too easy and delicious looking. J is right; sometimes it's so good to be bad:)

Bentobird said...

Hey Jenn! I'm glad you liked this was easy (TOO easy) to make these rich crispy treats. I should have kale and brown rice for dinner tonight :O

Hope its a beautiful day out in Santa Rosa, hon!

Lexi (Escape from the Sofa) said...

I never realised you could make these in a pan, I don't have a panini press but I DO have a griddle! Paninis, here I come - thanks for sharing!

Bentobird said...

Hi Lexi! Hope you'll enjoy these as much as we did!