Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Thank you Megan of bentozen, Susan of Arkonite's Place, and Angi of Bento Junkie! (my favorite number) things about me:

1. I have a passion for Provence and the Languedoc--its cuisine of the sun, Indienne fabrics, the Gipsy Kings and bright pink roses, oranges and cloves, courtly love and Cathars, 12th century cloisters and cathedrals. I hope to work this into my bentos at some point...

2. I was born in NYC, and grew up in its orbit. New York has shaped my love of world cuisines with its amazing me the city is the ideal of E Pluribus Unum brought to delicious life. Today, I live just outside Washington DC, and am relishing the wonderful range and depth of international food cultures in this area!

3. My husband Jamison is the best companion a foodie could ask for! He's up for trying any cuisine or dish with great curiosity and enthusiasm (and introduced me to Korean food, having lived in Korea for two years). He's the apple of my eye...

4. I love animals, especially cats and birds.

5. I garden because I love flowers and their amazing colors! I grow hydrangeas, roses, iris, and lilies in my townhouse garden and get very excited when spring arrives each year!

6. Colors can make me incredibly happy --especially bright pastels, certain vivid shades of pink and apricot, and deep, bright blues and violets. (See gardening, above).

7. I helped pay for my last couple of years in college by working at a fresh pasta shop/caterer, where I enjoyed making decadent lasagnas for our customers. I think I was influenced by my Mom's generous Italian approach to cooking in this regard--I'm eagerly anticipating her Christmas seafood lasagna with cream sauce!

There are many amazing bentoists out it was hard to choose just seven! Here are my selections for this round!

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sherimiya said...

Oh, we have a lot in common Bentobird! I love Provence too.. we honeymooned there after our wedding.. I love flowers and their lovely colors... and these things are definitely reflected in your beautiful bento. Thank you for sharing about your self! Loved it :)

Judy said...

I loved reading your seven. I'm a cat and bird lover too. And lasagna is my favorite dish to riff on. Wouldn't you love a lasagna recipe trade? I would! And Languedoc...well no wonder we are friends.

bentobird said...

Hi Sheri!
Very cool...yes, much in common!
I'd love to hear more about your trip--how perfectly romantic for a honeymoon...
I sometimes wish I lived in sunny California for the wonderful gardening possibilities of its climate(then I could pretend I was living in Provence or Umbria)!

bentobird said...

Hi there Judy!
Oh, I'd love to read about your lasagna versions! I found that fresh basil and parsley along with a smidge of finely minced garlic really enlivened the ricotta layers back when I was making these! Now I count on my Mom's as a holiday treat--I'm going to take notes to see how she makes such an awesome white wine Besciamella sauce...and speaking of the Languedoc, its a great time of year for some Cassoulet, non?

Lia Chen said...

Thanks a lot for the award ... :o)